Yield Property Services

About the business

“Founded in 2012, I built Yield Property Services to allow for a business that would take care of property problem solving through achieving and exceeding several objectives.”

Business Success

Now, Yield Property Services is growing a portfolio of properties throughout the UK and a building a specialist team that source properties with strong yields for clients and landlords in specialised areas to meet specific criteria. The business is only going from strength to strength.



What we do

We support landlords and first-time investors throughout the entire buying, renovation and letting process to present them with a tenanted turnkey investment. We also assist sellers under time or financial pressure to offload their properties fast.




My properties

Discover some of my properties with Yield

6 bed 5 bath HMO

  • £250000
  • £80000
  • £365000
  • 43% Return on cash employed

Holiday let in Marbella Spain

  • €320,000
  • €285,000
  • £304,000
  • £600

Four flats to flip at Mill Lane

  • £415,000
  • £1 million
  • 125%
  • £1,520

Commercial unit & Residential Property

  • £230,000
  • £21,500
  • £1,825
  • £138,500
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When the worlds of finance and property collide.

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‘When the finance world
and property world collide’

This e-book will show you 7 main lessons I took from my 20-year background in the financial markets and now utilise in my property investments. These lessons allow me to de-risk a deal and achieve a better profit margin.

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