Joint Venturing

Throughout my coaching and mentoring, something I am always keen to keep an eye on is the opportunity to joint venture with those who have different industry backgrounds and skill sets.

How it began

I spent almost 20-years as a commodities broker in the oil derivatives market from the late 1990s but had always run business on the side. When I left the market a few years back to work on my own companies two clients approached me to co-found a trading company that hedges oil exposure for our customers. It’s a great addition to the overall portfolio as volumes in the oil markets tend to massively increase when markets become more volatile. This volatility can affect values of other revenue streams such as property and retail so it can be a natural hedge to the exposure in those markets.


To date, I’ve worked on different projects across different businesses including building property portfolios with Tom ( one of my business partners). On our fifth project, we joint ventured on 70 x let able bedrooms as part of a boutique multi-let strategy.

Another joint venture has been to provide affordable houses in East Anglia and we have just got planning to build out 16 more flats in the area.

Contacts and increased motivation to gain collaborative results.

Leveraging time, skill set and talent is vital in coaching but joint venturing provides contacts and increased motivation to gain collaborative results.

Interested in a Joint Venture with me?

Schedule a call, I’m always open to new ideas and new industries.

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