Limitless Flooring

About this business

Zero-distruption flooring installations.

Limitless Flooring is another business of which I am a seed investor. Limitless Flooring appealed to me because of my experience in property investment and development.

As I work so closely with residential sites and commercial office blocks, the team at Limitless provide a new opportunity to alter the installation process on my projects and many others, ensuring hydraulic moves can be done seamlessly overnight without disruption to businesses or constructors in residential sites.


Big clients, incredible products.

Limitless have worked with clients such as Google, McLaren and Aston Martin, and are a company that not only deliver incredible products, but are customer driven. All their flooring is sourced direct to the manufacturer and cuts out the middleman to deliver an efficient service where time is more important than price.

These values make Limitless competitive and disruptive to the industry, which is why I am keen to be involved in such a thought leading organisation.

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