Yield Retail

About this business

£0 to £100,000 YouTube challenge

During 2019 I decided to go back to basics, and initiated a one year £0 to £100,000 YouTube challenge with my son, Jack, to showcase that with the right skills and determination anybody can start making money with a little bit of time even if they have no capital.

The fundamentals of retail arbitrage

“We met our £100k target in less than 100 days.”

Yield Retail is an Amazon FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) business, and throughout our YouTube series, we demonstrate the fundamentals of retail arbitrage which is what powers the business’s revenue. Through identifying deals at car-boot sales, to checking knocked down stock on huge retailer sites like TK MAXX, buying this stock at reduced prices, and then reselling this on Amazon at Amazon prices, we met our £100k target in less than one hundred days.

Taylor Tips
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